Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Lemur Blog

The Lemur Blog is a site I came across through The Hype Machine. I found as I browsed on HypeM, a lot of the songs I took interest to were found on the Lemur Blog. After exploring this blog it has become one of my favourites for finding new music.

What I like most about the Lemur Blog is that almost all of the songs they post have one or more links to a download of the mp3. On the left side of the blog you'll also find the LONGEST list of music blogs known to man.. maybe, while also providing a list of links where most of their music can legally be purchased. With frequent updating, and posts including images and videos, this blog is really one to 'follow'. Plus, who can resist the cute face of the lemur??

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  1. Lotsa lemur lurve 2 U <3

    U can now find the new The Lemur Blog situated at Enjoy!